What yarn and hook size should I use?
I personally use:
– 2,5mm crochet hook (size 1/B in US, size 12 in Canada)
-125g/50m 100% cotton yarn (also called sport, 12wpi or 5 ply)
But of course you can use any yarn and hook size, as long as they match! So if you use a larger yarn, make sure to also use a larger hook. With amigurumi, the hook often has to be about 1mm smaller than what the package states. The yarn I like to use needs a needle that’s 3.5-2.5 mm, so I use a 2.5mm or 2.0mm hook.

What are some materials you use?
I have a blog post with all the things I keep in my crochet kit!

What abbreviations do you normally use?
I try to use the same abbreviations in all my patterns, so here is a big list of the abbreviations I use!
– sc – single crochet
– inc – increase (sc2 in one stitch)
– dinc – double increase (sc3 in one stitch)
– dec – decrease (go from 2 stitches to one)
– ddec – double decrease (go from 3 stitches to one)
– dc – double crochet
– hdc – half double crochet
– slst – slip stitch
– sc6 – single crochet 6 times
– [inc, sc] 6x – repeat the thing between the brackets 6 times
– (dc,sc) – do the thing between the brackets in one stitch
– (36) – at the end of the round, you will have 36 stitches